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ShoreTel Financing Options

ShoreTel Financial Solutions has a program to solve your business and financial issues. Whether you prefer an operating expense or a capital expense, a rental program or an ownership program – we’ve got you covered.

Offering options you may or may not be familiar with, we encourage you to learn about our most innovative program that comes with unmatched flexibility for your technology and business needs. It’s called ShoreTel FlexGuard™.

ShoreTel FlexGuard™

Similar to a Fair Market Value Lease (FMV), FlexGuard builds on that concept and takes the idea of leasing to a new level. This program is designed to qualify for “off balance sheet” accounting treatment and if structured properly, can be considered an operating expense.

FlexGuard offers the following advantages:

  • The ShoreTel Guarantee: If another manufacturer develops a product that is larger than your ShoreTel system or offers new feature/functionality and your current ShoreTel solution can no longer meet your needs, you may replace 100% of it at any time during your FlexGuard contract without financial penalty and with no hidden costs. The ShoreTel Guarantee ensures that your current agreement will be forgiven and a new contract issued for a new solution.
  • Act of God Coveratge: You can be reimbursed up to $5,000 for your out-of-pocket insurance deductible cost in the event of a natural disaster including a hurricane, earthquake, flood, lightning, or tornado.
  • Bundled Maintenance / Service Plan: Lock the cost of your vendor's maintenance or service agreement at today's rates for the duration of your contract term. The monthly cost will be "bundled" without finance charges into the same payment as your equipment.
  • Flexible End of Term Options: At the conclusion of your FlexGuard agreement, you have several options including:
  • Renew with the ShoreTel Guarantee intact
  • Renew without the guarantee
  • Buy for Fair Market Value
  • Return the equipment

Capital Lease

Often known in the United States as a $1.00 Purchase Option, $1 Buyout, or $1 Out Lease (or $10 Purchase Option / Buyout Lease in Canada), these leases are considered a capital expense.

Meant to simply ease the burden of a cash purchase, Capital Leases spread the equipment cost over a period of time and you then own the equipment at contract end.

From an accounting standpoint, this lease is treated as an asset and a liability on a company’s balance sheet, with tax benefits taken in the form of depreciation. At the end of term, you own the item upon the last payment of $1 (or $10, respectively in Canada).

This program is best suited for customers who prefer technology ownership.

Interested in learning more? Let us help you find a ShoreTel Financial Solutions certified leasing partner in your area! 1-877-807-4673

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